What Vitamins Are Needed For Pregnant Women And Approval Rules

Vitamins are indispensable for normal metabolic processes in the body and the person usually gets their food.But during pregnancy, the woman is rarely possible to cover the required daily dose of them, and a deficiency of vitamins can influence in different ways, and during of pregnancy it can even be dangerous.

In some cases, it is necessary to use a multivitamin complex

Take into account so many synthetic minerals containing vitamins that should cover their deficiency in the body of the pregnant woman.Before you are wondering what the best over the counter prenatal vitamins are, ask your doctor if you need to drink at all Proper diet, you can additionally take multivitamin is not necessary.But if you belong to the following categories pregnant, then it is necessary to take complexes:

  1. If this is not possible due to certain circumstances;
  2. If they were diseases associated with insufficient number of trace elements and vitamins. Such diseases include anemia, iron deficiency anemia associated with vitamin B12 deficiency, and many others;
  3. When a previous pregnancy is terminated or the child was born with abnormalities in development;
  4. Pregnant who have become more than 30 years.

nutritions during pregnancy

It is clear that it is necessary, above all, pay attention to your diet and are healthy foods, but it is not possible in all cases. Then you come to the help of vitamins complexes. Talk to your doctor and it will be the best prenatal vitamins, it also tells them the dosage, as in different periods of pregnancy and the need to use different doses of these medicines. Your approval will help deal with such problems as hair loss, brittle nails, allergies, excessive sweating and the familiar toxicosis.Therefore, even if the main reason for taking these drugs is a new life in you, but also to yourself, forgetting is not necessary.

What vitamins needed to a pregnant woman

It is worth mentioning that every trimester is necessary to take different vitamins and their properties are dependent on the full development of the fetus. Almost all doctors say that multivitamin supplements are done courses. Try to understand what vitamins are in each trimester of pregnancy pregnant.

First trimester

If you take vitamins for pregnant women, 1 trimester provides binders that should be included in multivitamin supplements and foods:

Folic acid (vitamin B9) – It is advisable to take three months before a child to conceive and then to take 16 months of pregnancy. Birth, she also needed for normal lactation and fodder after it requires for the correct development of the fetus, it reduces the risks of possible abnormalities in the baby, it helps to develop the neural tube, from which subsequently shaped and developed the brain baby. When folic acid in the body of the pregnant woman is not enough, the placenta is properly trained, can be a miscarriage or pregnancy freezing;

Vitamin E. Vitamin E for pregnant women is also very necessary to drink before baby bathing is recommended, and continue to take the entire first trimester. It is necessary for normal sexual reproduction of female hormones, the initial timing prevents miscarriages and decreases playing an active role in the formation of the placenta;

Vitamin A. It is desirable to introduce it for a few months before conception and continue to drink two months of pregnancy. That is, almost the entire 1 trimester prenatal vitamins in the form of complexes should, however, be present in their structure of vitamin A. It should be taken carefully as it can be an overdose, and it can serve as the occurrence of disorders in the development of the nervous system crumbs. In the first trimester it is necessary for good cell division.

Also in the first trimester prescribe vitamin C, calcium and iodine.

Second trimester

Where important elements are:

Iodine – It was appointed in early pregnancy and continues to take medication with iodine throughout the second trimester. Iodine takes an active role in the overall metabolism and the development of thyroid hormones. And they affect the proper construction of the baby’s skeleton and brain activity. When the body is a pregnant current deficiency of iodine, it is expressed in brittle nails, hair and overweight;

Third trimester

At this time, such important substances as:

Iron – It should also be taken in the second trimester, and the third – iron anemia is the ideal prevention of it a sufficient amount will depend on the tone of the uterus and safe childbearing in general;

Vitamin C. It is administered in the first three months, and then take a break in the second, and they continue in the third intake. It supports the immune system of future mothers, it will protect from any viral disease, harmful to the development of the fetus.It is also an active role in the proper formation of the placenta, nor does it properly form the shell of the egg.

Vitamin E – Used for pregnant women vitamin E in the first trimester but it is necessary and in the third.It strengthens the immune system of the future baby and the mother before birth and is involved in the final formation of the placenta;

Vitamin D – It was appointed almost all pregnant women, it is an excellent prevention of rickets in infants, which is born very soon. It is also the most important in the formation of the skeleton of the child right.

Dosage of vitamins

Dosage of vitamins for each pregnant woman is individual and it determines your doctor who will monitor you during pregnancy.Therefore, if you are wondering what vitamins are best for pregnant women, it is immediately and inform you about the intended dosage of vitamin preparations .Normally doctors prescribe for future mothers vitamin complexes, which already contains a daily dose of vitamins.

But a woman cannot have enough iodine, the other – the iron and the third suffers from a lack of vitamin E in the body, so it is necessary to hear the advice of a doctor who is in detail about the pros and cons of the Different multivitamin complexes and the best way to find the drug targeted.

Humidifier Functions – Best For Your Baby Room

Best air conditioners has many features that are very useful, especially when using the humidifier for baby’s room. These functions not only helps maintain optimal humidity, automatically adjusts well as improve the quality of air in the room.

best humidifier for baby

Among the most important features that a good air conditioners has, we find:

Low noise level

There are models that have functions or operates at a low noise level so that not to disturb during the night. Its characteristic is very useful, especially if the humidifier is nursery.

Cleaning function or ionization

Is another characteristic that a room humidifier good has. This function (no matter under what name you find) is very important because it helps cleanse, purify and maintain a clean air in the room.

Thus, using a humidifier with air purification function, the baby’s room will not only be an optimum humidity all the time but you have clean air with less dust, hair or other debris.

Humidity sensor and automatic operation

Greatly help automatically adjust the humidity in the room. The sensor detects when the humidity increases or decreases under / above optimal and triggers the automatic stop / start device.

Best Cool Mist Humidifier has a humidity sensor and automatically maintains optimal humidity in the room, without being required manual intervention of the user. Once you set your desired humidity, the sensor will detect when to intervene in stopping or starting.

Electronic displays

For better use of the humidifier it is useful to display various information on the screen (room temperature, low humidity, clock etc.).

Roomy water tank

Make sure you choose a room humidifier with a larger water container to ensure it does not sit every day to fill it with water. You will find the water tank models starting from 1 l to older models of up to 10 liters or even more.

Sensor for water

You know when it is time to refill the water tank. This function is very useful because it allows optimum operation without interruption, but also because it eliminates risks.

Other important features

best humidifier for baby

It is very important for the machine to stop automatically when finished using water so as to avoid damage. It would not hurt either to have an indicator to notify you, visually or acoustically when the water level is very low. Humidifier power adjustment can be made automatically (preferable because it remains as efficient moisture in the air) or manually.

Performance models have a container for aromatic oils to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Pay attention to the type of oil that you will use because not all substances are completely harmless to the respiratory system. Neither the length of the cord should not be overlooked, because you have to mount it, most likely in a place inaccessible to children.

You should know that the humidity in the room is measured with a device called a hygrometer, which you can buy separately. It’s pretty cheap, but remember that the best humidifier room has temperature and humidity sensors. In this way maintain a constant level of humidity and water consumption is optimized.

Pregnant and Pelvic Instability – Pelvic Strap

Pelvic ligament pain in the area of the pelvis is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. About half of the pregnant women suffering from pelvic pain or lower back pain. Under the influence of pregnancy hormones, a process of softening of the connections between the pelvic bones place. These hormonal influences slacken the jaws tires, having every pregnant. But why one does get complaints, and the other not is unclear. Possible that women who have more flexible bands naturally, more likely to pelvic pain due to instability. To reduce this pain, you should go to sleep with the maternity pillow.



In recent years women complain more and more about pelvic pain than several years ago, it may be because expectant mothers today lead a busier life than before: job, household, and family. This makes it move as much as before pregnancy, while their body needs rest. The basin is in pregnancy physical movements less tolerated than usual. For a trouble-free pregnancy, a difficult birth can sometimes cause pelvic complaints afterward.

Coping With Pain Pelvic Band

During pregnancy, there is little to do exercises that promote recovery. It is important to find a balance between rest and exercise. If the pain does not decrease, or even increasing, it is often the return position with a thick cushion, such as a pregnancy pillow or knee pillow between the legs the best attitude. A pelvic band gives the pelvis more stability and often reduces symptoms. Sometimes it is necessary to be used when walking crutches. In general, this means that in the things to be done, the back should be held in its natural concavity and the muscles must be tightened around the basin. So do as little as possible with bent backs.

Posture and Movement Advice

  • Sitting: Sit is often a problem. Try consciously consider some chairs out, high, low, soft and hard. Every woman has her preferences. Some expectant mothers find it enjoyable to sit on a chair.
  • Pitch: prolonged standing in one place is often a problem. Often the best solution is to avoid standing by to sit or walk. If this is not possible, it may vary from position to be enjoyable. So you can safely sit for a moment on one leg on a shopping cart as it feels comfortable.
  • Steps Walk: yields as stairs trouble, try sitting to go down the stairs. You can also bite racks same way every time per level. Behind the stairs up and down is another solution. Lie down and sleep: If you have at last night, you can put a pillow between your knees and ankles. Side position is often a pleasant attitude.
  • Getting out of bed: When will try the best out of bed on your side with your knees to roll against each other. If you then put your feet out of bed, you can then push up with your arms until you sit and then stand up.
  • Dressing and undressing: Slip can save a lot of awkward movements, as well as sitting dressing and undressing.
  • Sexuality: Try to the community to find a position where you do not spread your legs extreme. Side area is often a pleasant attitude.
  • Kitchen Activities: sit on a stool with wheels is less stressful than standing up all the time and sit down. Push the lever or backward with your feet, but do not all sitting in this way to remove the stool forward.
  • Driving: you can put a plastic bag on the chair by the board. You’re going to sit on it with your knees together and turning, with the plastic on the chair, lift your legs inward. To slide while driving out of the presidency, you must remove the plastic bag. Pay attention! When driving too fast foot movements (braking) are painful or impossible.



Many women complaining of pelvic pain or instability are afraid of worsening the pain by giving birth. This fear is understandable, but usually not justified. The process of softening of the pelvic joints is indeed already occurred during pregnancy. The pelvis is well prepared at the time of birth on the birth of the child.

After Birth

During pregnancy, it is not possible for a lot to do to rectify the complaint. After giving birth, this is different. Firstly, it is recommended to maintain a truly old-fashioned “childbirth,” i.e., much bed rest and just sitting and standing as the pelvis it can handle. Activities should be built up gradually, so that strengthens the muscle. For this, the physiotherapist or Cesar therapist specific exercises. The fear of many women that they end up in a wheelchair is unfounded. This only happens very rarely. Usually disappear with treatment, the first symptoms after six weeks, and the rest after six months to a year.

A Subsequent Pregnancy

In general, complaints of pelvic instability in a later pregnancy may return. Sometimes they can start earlier and be more severe. However, women often know better how to deal with the complaints, and take faster action. Therefore, the symptoms can continue at the same level or sometimes just less intense or shorter work. Overall it seems wise to wait with the next pregnancy until you have recovered as much as possible, i.e., be reduced to the pain and your muscles are sufficiently strengthened by exercise.