What Vitamins Are Needed For Pregnant Women And Approval Rules

Vitamins are indispensable for normal metabolic processes in the body and the person usually gets their food.But during pregnancy, the woman is rarely possible to cover the required daily dose of them, and a deficiency of vitamins can influence in different ways, and during of pregnancy it can even be dangerous.

In some cases, it is necessary to use a multivitamin complex

Take into account so many synthetic minerals containing vitamins that should cover their deficiency in the body of the pregnant woman.Before you are wondering what the best over the counter prenatal vitamins are, ask your doctor if you need to drink at all Proper diet, you can additionally take multivitamin is not necessary.But if you belong to the following categories pregnant, then it is necessary to take complexes:

  1. If this is not possible due to certain circumstances;
  2. If they were diseases associated with insufficient number of trace elements and vitamins. Such diseases include anemia, iron deficiency anemia associated with vitamin B12 deficiency, and many others;
  3. When a previous pregnancy is terminated or the child was born with abnormalities in development;
  4. Pregnant who have become more than 30 years.

nutritions during pregnancy

It is clear that it is necessary, above all, pay attention to your diet and are healthy foods, but it is not possible in all cases. Then you come to the help of vitamins complexes. Talk to your doctor and it will be the best prenatal vitamins, it also tells them the dosage, as in different periods of pregnancy and the need to use different doses of these medicines. Your approval will help deal with such problems as hair loss, brittle nails, allergies, excessive sweating and the familiar toxicosis.Therefore, even if the main reason for taking these drugs is a new life in you, but also to yourself, forgetting is not necessary.

What vitamins needed to a pregnant woman

It is worth mentioning that every trimester is necessary to take different vitamins and their properties are dependent on the full development of the fetus. Almost all doctors say that multivitamin supplements are done courses. Try to understand what vitamins are in each trimester of pregnancy pregnant.

First trimester

If you take vitamins for pregnant women, 1 trimester provides binders that should be included in multivitamin supplements and foods:

Folic acid (vitamin B9) – It is advisable to take three months before a child to conceive and then to take 16 months of pregnancy. Birth, she also needed for normal lactation and fodder after it requires for the correct development of the fetus, it reduces the risks of possible abnormalities in the baby, it helps to develop the neural tube, from which subsequently shaped and developed the brain baby. When folic acid in the body of the pregnant woman is not enough, the placenta is properly trained, can be a miscarriage or pregnancy freezing;

Vitamin E. Vitamin E for pregnant women is also very necessary to drink before baby bathing is recommended, and continue to take the entire first trimester. It is necessary for normal sexual reproduction of female hormones, the initial timing prevents miscarriages and decreases playing an active role in the formation of the placenta;

Vitamin A. It is desirable to introduce it for a few months before conception and continue to drink two months of pregnancy. That is, almost the entire 1 trimester prenatal vitamins in the form of complexes should, however, be present in their structure of vitamin A. It should be taken carefully as it can be an overdose, and it can serve as the occurrence of disorders in the development of the nervous system crumbs. In the first trimester it is necessary for good cell division.

Also in the first trimester prescribe vitamin C, calcium and iodine.

Second trimester

Where important elements are:

Iodine – It was appointed in early pregnancy and continues to take medication with iodine throughout the second trimester. Iodine takes an active role in the overall metabolism and the development of thyroid hormones. And they affect the proper construction of the baby’s skeleton and brain activity. When the body is a pregnant current deficiency of iodine, it is expressed in brittle nails, hair and overweight;

Third trimester

At this time, such important substances as:

Iron – It should also be taken in the second trimester, and the third – iron anemia is the ideal prevention of it a sufficient amount will depend on the tone of the uterus and safe childbearing in general;

Vitamin C. It is administered in the first three months, and then take a break in the second, and they continue in the third intake. It supports the immune system of future mothers, it will protect from any viral disease, harmful to the development of the fetus.It is also an active role in the proper formation of the placenta, nor does it properly form the shell of the egg.

Vitamin E – Used for pregnant women vitamin E in the first trimester but it is necessary and in the third.It strengthens the immune system of the future baby and the mother before birth and is involved in the final formation of the placenta;

Vitamin D – It was appointed almost all pregnant women, it is an excellent prevention of rickets in infants, which is born very soon. It is also the most important in the formation of the skeleton of the child right.

Dosage of vitamins

Dosage of vitamins for each pregnant woman is individual and it determines your doctor who will monitor you during pregnancy.Therefore, if you are wondering what vitamins are best for pregnant women, it is immediately and inform you about the intended dosage of vitamin preparations .Normally doctors prescribe for future mothers vitamin complexes, which already contains a daily dose of vitamins.

But a woman cannot have enough iodine, the other – the iron and the third suffers from a lack of vitamin E in the body, so it is necessary to hear the advice of a doctor who is in detail about the pros and cons of the Different multivitamin complexes and the best way to find the drug targeted.

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