Some typical features of GPS Golf Watches

GPS Watch is useful device to improve performance in golf. Nowadays, with the help of innovative technology, many outstanding features are integrated into GPS golf watch besides the basic ones. Below features are the most popular and most loved by golfers.

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Precise distance information

High-sensitive golf GPS devices are added into golf watch. Therefore, players could know exact distance (normally in yard) from their location to middle, front and back of the greens. Some GPS gold watch models even have odometer to record the number of yard which players have moved on the course.

Automatic Display

When golfers are playing, the GPS watch with this feature will automatically show the distance from golfer’s location to green of current hole. If golfer presses a pre-decided button, 4 nearest hazards’ locations as well as distance to those hazards will also be displayed.

Multiple Modes

Recently, GPS watch manufacturers have introduced numerousmodels of “all-in-one” GPS watches. They are called “all-in-one” because besides golf, those watches could be used for other sports like swimming, cycling or as normal watch to check time. Therefore, “multiple modes” feature is necessary for user to easily shift between several modes (time mode, GPS mode…) for their specific purpose.

Green View

Besides the distance from player’s current location to the green, Green View feature also provides golfers with additional information of the green such its shape and lay-out… This information would be useful for golfers to have good shots.

Smart Notification

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Many modern GPS Golf Watches could sync with smartphones (mostly iPhone). When there are texts or phone calls coming, your golf watch can send you notification or alert. Therefore, you still can keep in touch with the world outside golf course while enjoying your game.

Detailed Stat Tracking

Some expensive GPS Golf Watches come with HD touchscreen that could show real time detail statistics and record of golfers’ score, so they can have better plan to improve their performance. Furthermore, information of greens, bunkers, doglegs, hazardsand detail layout of the courses are also provided.

Swing Metrics

Swing Metrics is the feature that provides golfer with analysis on their swing. The information offered includes swing strength, upswing/ downswing ratio… Based on those analyses, golfers could figure out how to improve their swings. This feature is useful for training.


There are some other features which don’t have strong impact on golfers’ performance but are loved by them.

  • Calorie View

Based on the pre setup information of golfer such as age, gender, height, weight…, this feature could calculate the amount of calories burned when they are playing. This feature could help people who play golf to improve their health conditions.

  • Time View

Simply, this feature turns golf watch to normal watch that shows time.

  • Odometer View

Using this Odometer View mode, you could know how long you have walked during the rounds.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, GPS Gold watches nowadays are so innovative that they indeed give significant support to golfer on and even out of the courses. However, it’s advised to consider your demand carefully before making decision and not to waste your money on the excessive features that you will never use.

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