Helpful Tips On Buying Golf Caddies – This Is How You Will Find The Ideal Golfing Vehicle

The pull trolley

The first variant of the traditional golf cart is the so-called pull trolley. This is a comparatively inexpensive way to carry your golf equipment across the golf course. The vehicle has two wheels and is pulled by the golfer. When purchasing the golf cart, it is important to remember that the pulling of the cart means a higher effort for the shoulders and spine than when pushing. Also, the golfer can not always have his equipment on the field when running over the golf court. Thus it happens that with insufficient security parts of the golf equipment for the time being not noticed by the golf cart. This happens, particularly on hilly golf grounds. Many golfers use the time between the individual stations to absorb liquid or wipe the sweat from the forehead with the towel. For a pull trolley, the golfer has to stop short, as a short handle in the pocket is only possible.

The push trolley

best golf push cart

A golf push cart drives the player, as the name already betrays, before his body. This results in a lower load on the back and shoulder area. If you complain about problems in this body, the acquisition of this golf push cart is recommended. This golf cart has three or four wheels. Another advantage of a golf push cart is that the player can see his golf equipment at any time. This makes it even more noticeable when the golf bag or other things threaten to tilt off the car. Also, the player can easily reach into the bag to retrieve drinking bottles or other utensils. This can save the golfer time. An important point when other players follow.

The electric trolley

If you like it, you will appreciate the advantages of an electric cart. This is one of the most cost-intensive ways to carry your golf equipment across the pitch. The electric caddy is equipped with a motor and drives in front of the golfer so that he must use his powers exclusively for playing. This has a positive effect on the golf swing and therefore on the score.

The comfort of an electric trolley is especially appreciated by older golfers or players with joint problems. However, this variant of the golf cart has the disadvantage that it is somewhat bulky than the manual trolleys. This makes the storage in the luggage compartment more difficult. Many golfers, therefore, place their electric vehicles directly in the golf club.

Lead versus Lithium battery

how to choose the best golf cart

The majority of the electric trolley has a standard lead-gel battery, as it is also used in motor vehicles. Although it does contribute a lot to the weight of the golf cart, has proven itself quite well. The lead gel battery convinces with its easy handling and the lower purchase costs.

The life of the trolley drive depends on some factors. So the player should connect his battery off the golf course to a charger. This ensures that the energy source is charged at all times. The lead gel battery has a so-called overload protection. As a result, the long-term stay at the charging station outside the golf season is no problem.

In the case of heavy use, the owner must ensure that the lead gel battery does not discharge completely. Apart from this, the energy source does not require any special maintenance.

If you pay attention to these points, a lead-acid battery performs at 200 to 250 kilometers per hour. When replacing the battery, make sure that the new energy source is at least 22 amperes (Ah) high. This means that the electric current remains continuously at 22 amps per hour. This allows the golfer to be sure that his electro trolley can withstand 18 holes without problems on uneven ground or with a higher load.

In the course of recent years, lithium batteries have increasingly been used in electro trolleys. A lithium battery is more compact and cost-intensive than a lead-acid battery. A distinction is made between the nickel-metal hybrid battery (NiMH) and the lithium-battery version (Li), the lithium battery being the better source of energy. It has the advantage that it loses no significant power even during prolonged non-use. Also, the Li battery scores with a longer service life of more than 500 Golf under. The NiMH model, on the other hand, has to be charged more frequently during long-term non-use. Thus, the owner must also regularly keep an eye on the condition of his trolley within his golfing season.

Two wheels versus three wheels

Electric golf carts should have three wheels. Only in this way does the golfer get a hundred percent to the benefit of the golf cart. This allows the caddy to pull its tracks completely independently so that the player has his hands free at all times. Moreover, the handling of the electric trolley is made more straightforward.

An electric trolley with two wheels does not necessarily have to be pulled. The player can follow this model without great effort, but a hand is required.

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