What You Should Know About Golf Clubs

Golf clubs for beginners are the most important investment you have to make in game. For them, we look for those golf clubs that best suit our level of play.

It is important to know that spending more money on golf clubs does not guarantee that we get better results on the golf course. We think that the sticks must be adapted to our way of playing and not vice versa. Therefore it is more important to buy adapted sticks that stick extremely expensive. We try to give indications on the most appropriate for each level of play.

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Types of golf clubs according to their distance

We can distinguish different types of golf clubs depending on the distance to reach them:

  • The woods.
  • Irons
  • Hybrid sticks.
  • The putter.
  • Wedgets

Let us study each:


Woods golf are golf clubs with a longer rod and a head bigger stick. With these two features, we can understand that are the golf clubs that send the ball farther, you get more distance.


When we talk about golf irons we refer to many different golf clubs. So since we can get from 10 meters to 200 meters and varied blows category. Irons get tall, short, short, long strokes, … They are the most versatile golf clubs.

Irons, in turn, can be classified into:

  • The numbered irons: the number is usually ranging from 3 to 9. They are number metals reaching various distances and numbering is inversely proportional to the estimate of the stick. In other words, the iron 3 reaches a much greater distance than a nine iron.
  • The wedges: any set of clubs has at least two sticks of this type: the Pitching Wedge (p) and Sand Wedge (S). Brats are for short distances, close to the hole. We can also find other wedges such as the Wedge Loft with more degrees than previous ones.

Hybrid golf clubs

Hybrid sticks are intermediate between the long irons and woods. The coup hybrid makes the ball more than draw a parable woods, more like a blow to the irons. However, the distance achieved with a hybrid is higher than the iron. It is more like the distance of the woods. They are therefore sticks that combine the advantages of irons and woods.


The putter is the golf club used on the green to play small distances and the ball rolling on the grass.

Types of golf clubs according to the recipient

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Golf clubs can be classified into three main categories:

  • Brats professional.
  • Intermediate golf clubs.
  • Golf clubs amateur.

Amateur clubs are technologically designed to “have forgiveness”, ie, to correct a mishit. The good blow is given to the center of the stick, or the end or the end of the stick.

Hitting with the center of the clubface ensures that the ball will fly according to which it is expected the bat. To achieve this flight, amateur clubs have a wide base and a special distribution of weights. The clubface is designed to hit well repeatedly and so are built so that “forgive” our shortcomings.

However, professional golf clubs tend to be more uniform distribution of weights. They are designed so as to allow greater capacity to give effect to the ball. These sticks are more sensitive and at minimal variation in the point hit the ball draw different effects. Thus, the professional player is able to give hard blows unimaginable for an amateur. These golf clubs are more sensitive and require more consistency in the game to get benefits from them.

Forgiveness in golf clubs

Therefore, the main difference lies in the forgiveness of golf clubs. Forgiveness that is inversely proportional to the ability to generate effects with the golf club.

It is obvious that those starting out in golf clubs should seek forgiveness with the maximum possible. The new player has no consistency in the beating and sometimes give low blows and sometimes will high. For the same inconsistency will sometimes right and others on the left. Indeed, rarely will the blow as we had imagined.

And this should not be overestimated. Many players have left in the storeroom its brand new set of golf clubs. Not because they disliked but because they have not been able to dominate. In short, they have again used their old clubs that although technologically older, had more forgiveness.

Imagine a player who usually hits balls producing an effect of slice. If the player used a professional sticks produce a more pronounced effect of slice and more consistent way. For example, if before was a good stroke of 3 strokes performing (a straight punch and two slice) with golf clubs professional the percentage would drop and give a good blow for every 6 or 8 strokes to give, or even plus. This would ultimately despair and either the player returns to the old bats or golf clubs end up flying through the air or filled with cobwebs and the player sitting on the couch at home.

As you can see there are different classifications of golf clubs. We hope you enjoyed this article.

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